Mountain biking for beginners

Having a hobby that lets you spend so much time in nature is truly amazing and it’s not only that – but having a hobby that helps you stay healthy and in shape is a great combination. Mountain biking might just be an ideal sport for you if you enjoy spending time outdoors. So load your gear, get out your bike rack and head outside to experience all the thrills of mountain biking!

How to choose the right bike?

Mountain biking is not an expensive sport but you might want to invest a significant amount of money in the bike and the equipment. First though, we need to talk about bikes. In order to buy the right one for you, you need to do some research and choose the one that will certainly fit your needs. For example, are you planning to take flat trails or trails that are of uneven surface?

Are you planning to go on a cross-country cycling tours or are you planning to stay at a local nature park? These are all things that you need to take into consideration before buying a bike. Additionally, you need to pay attention to suspension as it’s recommended to take full suspension if you are a beginner. What’s more, you need to pay attention to tire width as well because the heavier you are, the wider your tires should be.

What other equipment you might need?

Additional equipment is more than necessary. You need to have gloves to protect your hands. You also need to be dressed properly but that depends a lot of the weather. As a beginner, you should avoid mountain biking on rainy days so buying a couple of pairs of shorts for sunny days is useful. You might also want to buy several water containers and a survival knife. Why you may wonder? Sure, this is an item you need when you go camping but it can be extremely useful when you go mountain biking too. You never know if you will get caught in bad weather and if you will need to cut some branches to make a shelter or simply cut your way through on a wild trail. They usually have a folding blade so it won’t take too much space.

Additionally, some knives can also be used as a bottle opener, screw drivers, tweezers or even a toothpick! Having screw drivers is pretty great if you happen to have some issues with your bike, you must admit.

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