Hitting the Trail – An Ambrosial Affair

I have met the mountains and I have found my home in the mountains. I have seen the mountains closely and I have merged with the soul of the mountains – the wind, the wildlife, the valleys and the rivers. To pick a trail and to make my own – I have not experienced anything as soulful as my rides in the mountains. Mountain biking is not just a passion for me but food for my soul. As the mountains call out to you, you have to make sure that you make the most of your experience. Balance There are a number of people who end up ruining their mountain biking experience because of silly mistakes they make. Once you are fully aware of the technicalities and the externals that go into a good biking trip, you can experience heaven on Earth when you hit a trail. Tough trails are all about balance and if as a kid you practiced the art of balancing on your balance bike, you would be aware of the importance of balancing when on a trail. In order to get your balance right, it is very important to stay fit.

First Balance Bike

Do You Remember Your First Balance Bike?

As a seasoned mountain biker, you ought to ensure that you are always in shape to take on a trail confidently. A few minutes of yoga would give you phenomenal results and would keep you quick and skills polished till you decide to take rest at the end of the day. If you’re the kind who likes to party, you would need to be a little conscious about drinking too much. Too much drinking would add calories and you need to make sure that you work out enough so as to shed the extra weight you might have acquired in your drunken haze the other night. On a serious note, you should never ignore your work out regime and take in a lot of fluids. Liquid diets on trails can keep your light and energetic for extended periods of time. You should be able to ride just as well with a backpack as without one. Therefore ensure that you travel light. Carry your safety gear along and do not for a moment ignore safety when on the trail. If you can think of that scene in movie, ’Finding Private Ryan’ where a soldier is hit on the helmet with a bullet and removes the helmet in the realization of being alive and is hit right in the head at the very moment with a bullet again, you would realize the importance of safety gear.

The Right Gloves For Your Biking Needs

Deciding on the right biking gloves might be difficult if you do not know where to start. It is important that you do some research on the different brands and types of gloves seeing that comfort is the main goal. If you are not sure which brand to purchase, go to your local biking store and ask for some assistance. They will be able to help you make your choice and tell you a little bit about the different brands.

Looking At Kevlar Gloves

Kevlar is actually the registered trademark of a para-aramid synthetic fiber. It is incredibly tough and durable and was first used commercially in the 70’s in racing tires, as a replacement for steel. It was developed in 1965 by DuPont, an American chemical company.

$T2eC16V,!ycFIdRdtTfzBSVJt7w3Jg~~60_1It has a wide array of applications and is used in a great deal of sporting equipment – bicycle tires, body armor, racing sails and, of course, gloves.

Kevlar provides perfect strength, durability and flexibility for sportsman, which is why gloves made out of this material are so popular amongst sports people.

Some Brands

A really good brand to consider, especially for sports people, is Grandoe gloves. This company is especially popular for its production of gloves for ski enthusiasts or snowboarders.

They have a specific range of gloves for skiers, aptly called “Ski”, but their Genesis range is also popular amongst snowboarders and other snow sports. For women, they have a luxurious handwear range called Ciré.

The Ed Viesturs collection is for the ‘high altitude adventurer’. These are great gloves for mountain climbers, bikers or hikers.

Custom Designing

You can also design your own custom glove which is one of the things the company is very well known for. This is known as the Grandoe V.I.P. Service with the V.I.P. GloveBuilder, which can actually be accessed and used online at the company’s official website.

Waterproof Gloves

For sports people, especially those who enjoy snow sports and sporting in the rain, you need waterproof gloves to ensure you can have an enjoyable time doing what you love. If your hands get wet and cold it will soon take its toll, and you won’t be able to spend as much time outdoors as you would like. Kevlar is a great material in this respect.

Stauffer Glove And Safety

Stauffer Glove and Safety have been involved in the ‘personal protective’ equipment industry for over 100 years, which makes them obviously a good brand to consider when looking for decent or professional gloves. They have been providing safety equipment to the safety industry since the company began.

They are especially good in providing gloves for the workplace. Hand injuries are a common problem in many different kinds of work, such as manufacturing, construction, or even many types of art. People looking for wholesale work gloves should look here as well. Having the right glove to protect your hand not only from cuts but also from hand disorders such as carpal-tunnel syndrome is paramount.

At their website they have an online survey to help you decide on the right kind of glove to suit your work. Kevlar is well known and usually very good, but there may be other types of gloves that will suit you.

So, for the professional worksman or the sportsman, or anything inbetween, the best and one of the most durable, flexible, and long-lasting gloves you should go for are Kevlar.