Best Mountain Biking Trails in America

Porcupine Rim TrailWhat makes mountain biking such a popular sport is the access it provides you to different environments and landscapes. There’s nothing easier than grabbing your bike and heading out for a ride. This is especially true in North America, where mountain biking is a very popular sport for good reason. Due to it’s shear size mountain bikers have access to everything from snowy mountains in Washington to dessert and flat open space in the Nevada.

Selecting the top four Mountain Biking trails in America was a tough job, but the list we’ve put together has something great for everyone from the hobby riders to professionals. If you love the outdoors and you love mountain biking take these destinations, put them down on a map and make a complete holiday of it. If you DO decide to make a holiday of it make sure you put more than four days down for each trail, taking into account the time you’ll need to drive to each trail.  If you’re taking kids along remember to take some things with to keep them busy on the ride. They might enjoy the first week or two, but by the third trail they’ll start to get bored and restless. I always take a pair of outdoor speakers, a football and soccer ball. I  found the outdoor speakers at and the football and soccer ball at my local sports store.

The Trails

Trails listed in no particular order.

Porcupine Rim Trail

You don’t have to know much about mountain biking to know that the Porcupine Rim Trail is one of the most popular in America. Situated in Moab, arguably the most popular mountain biking area in North America, is a relatively easy ride ride physically,  being mostly downhill. Technically it can be a daunting task however and if you find yourself going too fast I suggest you hit the breaks and take a breather. Porcupine has taken down more riders than I care to mention.

Crested Butte

Famous for being one of the birthplaces for mountain biking, the Crested Butte is hundreds of kilometers of Colorado goodness. In this trail you can spend days travelling through the picturesque alpine trails around the old school Western Town. Unlike Porcupine Rim there’s a lot of family-friendly options available with several flat spots you can pull out the old bike rack and have a break with the family.

Santa Fe

Situated in New Mexiko, the capital of the “Land of Enchantment” host kilometer on kilometer of singe – and double-track mountain bike trails. There are several popular trails including La Tierra Torture race course, Dale Ball Trails and Windsor Trail. When you take a break from trail riding head on into town and visit one of the many art studios and music halls.


One of the least well-known mountain bike trails can be found in Alberta. The trails surrounding Banff are some of the most beautiful, with snow capped mountains, lakes and plenty of wildlife. You can ride the Canmore , Montane Traverse or simply follow your own route through the mountains.

These are only some of the best mountain biking trails in America, but they’ll give you something to do for a holiday which definitely won’t disappoint. No matter which trails you decide to ride, keep safe and remember to enjoy your surroundings.

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